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Think wedding coordinators are a privilege for rich people? Think again!

A special event coordinator is part party planner, master problem solver, stage manager, financial adviser, vendor broker, and all around event enthusiast! Oh So Swank! will prepare your entire event including an overall event concept, budget and timeline. They will provide appropriate vendor and site choices and be there for you and your every need on the day of your event. Above all else, Oh So Swank! will be dedicated to YOU, always finding a way to exceed your expectations! With over 25 years of experience in design and special event planning, large and small, you can rest assured that we are familiar with the countless details it takes to create a successful and memorable event to last a lifetime. 

Here are Here are 15 reasons why you are better off with a professional in your corner...


We can save you money.

Helping to avoid costly mistakes 


We know who’s who in the industry

who to trust and avoid based relationships built over many years


We can negotiate with vendors on your behalf.

Often, bonuses, and special considerations from vendors are available based on our business relationships that you don’t have access to


We act as your personal assistant.

The average couple spends over 200 hours planning their wedding. Our job allows you to have a life outside of planning your wedding. 


We are the go-to person.

Average weddings utilize 22 vendors. We are able to answer every question so you can enjoy the day.


We have and follow a meticulous schedule

and make sure the bridal party and the vendors stick to the schedule.


We make sure everything is taken care of,

vendors stay focused and guests are happy.


We pack up your personal belongings.

so all you have to do is say “good-night”.


We take on the logistics,

like payments, deposits and contracts, so you can focus on the fun stuff.


We keep things moving.

When friends and family aren’t able to help you, we are always there. It’s an insurance policy for your big day. 


We bring your dream to reality.

We will help you create something that feels less like a trend and more like a timeless celebration.


We make sure you stick to your budget!

We are like a financial advisor who specializes in weddings and familiar with costs of products and services

allowing us to find creative ways to save you money.


We can save relationships.

We act as a buffer when there is a conflict with friends and family as well as taking on tasks so they don’t have to work at your wedding.


We provide advice.

Experience has taught us exactly what works and we are knowledgeable on proper etiquette.


We minimize stress and maximize fun.

Since you can’t repeat the day, having a pro on your side ensures that your beautiful memories are lasting


Already have a “Day-Of Coordinator” provided by your venue?

This is a common miss-understanding. A venue coordinator will be there looking out for the best interest of the venue. Making sure the guests are where they are supposed to be, the tables are set-up, the food goes out hot, etc. As a wedding coordinator, we look out for YOUR best interest and the best interest of your event. We ensure everything is done to your specifications as well as being by your side through the planning process and on the day of your event, guiding you along the way to a memorable and enjoyable wedding. 

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