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Discover how to Turn your Passions into Profits in Event Design Tina takes you through the process, step by step, of how an event comes to be and how a creative event planner can guide the event from birth to concept, enlarging the design of the event so that the client sees the height of what is possible. If you are a new or evolving event designer, you will learn to scrap the standard playbook. You will learn how to listen in such a way that you see design elements, color combinations, and details before you see little boxes next to the points on your timeline.  In every stage of the event cycle, you will learn to keep alive the vision of the event that was revealed when you took off the twin blinders of expectations and budget. Tina calls this “dreaming with the client.” By dreaming first and elaborating the dream using as many of the senses as you can, you will naturally create larger and more spectacular events.

Paperback - 140 pages

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.96Sale Price
  • Tina will help you:

    * Turn your personality, passions, and style into a signature for your business;

    * Distinguish yourself based on quality, not on price;

    * Get the relationship with the client off on the right note;

    * Convert your clients’ style quirks into individualized designs;

    * Bring the event down from the sky, rather than up from the basement; 

    * Build a service team that multiplies your impact;

    * Maximize your referrals from every event. 

    When you read The Oh So Swank Soirée, you will have a step-by-step manual for running your business like a pro. You will know how to develop every aspect of your event design and coordinating business to bring you both goodwill and profit. Be the successful businessperson you always dreamed of becoming. Have the time of your life by making clients’ dreams come true.

  • No refunds. No returns.

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